DC lab Data center Karelia


The data center DC lab Karelia is strategically located on the main routes of the optical fiber network in the north-west of the Russian Federation, in the Republic of Karelia, near the border with Finland. This Data Center demonstrates excellent engineering and energy efficiency.

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Data center location

The data center is located on the territory of the decommissioned Nadvoitsky aluminum plant (10 km from the city of Segezha, the Republic of Karelia).

Data center

DC lab received the exclusive right to connect to the networks of the plant with a total capacity of 15 MW. This allows to build data-center, based on the UTI Tier III standard. The site is fully ready for construction works, all communications are connected, the territory is fenced and provided with video monitoring around the perimeter, there is highly qualified personnel living in Nadvoitsy (about 6.000 residents), there is a high-speed optical Rostelecom communication in Segezha (10 km from Nadvoitsy).


The data center is planned to be certified according to most reliability and security standards to provide both international and internal requirements for the storage of citizens’ personal data.
Licenses and certificates:

  • FSB License
  • FSTEK License
  • PCI DSS Certificate